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Rainbow Paint Colors

Our Colors

PrismBio Colors
Pile of Donuts


The PrismBio ColorFast product line of colorants can be created in any shade of the visible spectrum. Our rich natural colors are customizable, stabile and sustainably made.

Lightbulb and Sunset


Our ColorSwitch novelty colorants change their shade as they are exposed to light. For instance, products can switch color when taken out of packaging or as they're being eaten.

Neon Sign Let's Party


ColorSwitch Branding uses lasers to put logos and other custom marketing messages directly onto products using only the change in color state created by the laser. 

Sustainability & Technology

PrismBio has deployed modern biotechnology tools to remove the pigment/protein colorant complexes from photosynthetic bacteria and place them in fungal and bacterial production hosts where our colorants can be grown safely and effectively by fermentation. The basic ingredients of fermentation are proteins, sugars, vitamins, and minerals naturally fermented into colors. This process replaces colorants traditionally produced in petrochemical refineries based on crude oil.

Our technology is derived from photosynthetic bacteria that are among the oldest organisms on Earth with fossil records dating back 3.5 billion years, and have been used as food sources for ancient cultures dating back 5000 years. Today, some photosynthetic bacteria are sold as nutritional food, notably Spirulina. Photosynthetic bacteria can be found in almost every terrestrial and aquatic habitat – oceans, fresh water, damp soil, temporarily moistened rocks in deserts, bare rock and soil, and even Antarctic rocks. 


These unique photosynthetic bacterial colorant products & capabilities are all found in nature where we see them every year without much consideration. Leaves turn from green to yellow/red/orange and ultimately to brown as the Fall season passes. These products have the further advantage of behaving as antioxidants scavenging free radicals when consumed as foods. Our technology when deployed will make a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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