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across the full visible spectrum

Renewably and sustainably produced

PrismBio is a “green,” sustainable, one-stop colorant supply chain company, for all colors of the visible spectrum. 

We decide with our eyes first! Color is the largest differentiator in consumer choice. PrismBio is out to change the world by bringing broad spectrum natural colors to colorant markets and have an impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Consumers are driving food, personal care and industrial companies away from synthetic colors.

Manufacturers are looking for natural solutions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and simplify the production process.

Makeup Brushes
White Toy Car Yellow Background
White Lamp
Pink Cupcake

Our technology enables us to:
• Create every color of the visible spectrum
• Create color-fast and novel colorswitching, branding and messaging directly on the product

Our fermentation production technology is fully renewable and sustainable.

We will continue to evolve and improve our products based on consumer-led needs.


  • Plant based meats

  • Bakery & confectionary

  • Dairy & frozen desserts

  • Beverages

  • Savory & snacks

  • Cereals, soups, dressings, sauces, condiments

Plant Based Burger
Pink Drink
Pink and White Popsicles
Colorful Cereal
Eye Shadow Palette
Colorful Paper Origami
Paint Brushes in a Cup
Colorful Textiles

Industrial & Personal Care

  • Cosmetics

  • Textiles

  • Paper goods

  • Paint

  • Plastics

  • Crafts & toys

Health Applications

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical devices

  • Diagnostics

  • Optogenetics

Red Neuron
Blue Mask and Syringe
Purple and Red Vials
Bottle of Spilled Pills

About PrismBio

The company was founded on the science that natural colors can be produced sustainably, economically and at a large scale via biotechnology to meet these unique demands. PrismBio pioneers the use of biotechnology to produce natural protein-pigment based colors, utilizing proprietary microbes to deliver all colors in the visible spectrum.

These capabilities are the result of significant advancements in microbial and plant protein-pigment technology, protein engineering, strain development, separations, and formulations. The technology platform is supported by decades of research on natural light-sensing pigment systems from plants and algae.


Troy Wilson, CEO PrismBio

Troy Wilson CEO


Glenn Nedwin, Chairman PrismBio

Glenn Nedwin, Ph.D., MoT | Chairman
Genentech, Novozymes, Genencor/Danisco, Taxon


J. Clark Lagarias, PrismBio

J. Clark Lagarias, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry Emeritus UCD U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Fellow


Justin Siegel, PrismBio

Justin Siegel, Ph.D.

Director, Innovation Institute for Food and Health, UCD Associate Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine, UCDGSM Arthur & Carlyse Ciocca Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship, UCD


Baruch Photo.jpg

Tom Baruch, Seed Investor and Chief Sherpa

Baruch Future Ventures, Managing Director



Our Colors

PrismBio is an easy one-stop-shop for all your colorant needs. We are developing a full spectrum of natural colorants that have utility across many applications, including:

food, cosmetics, textiles, industrial, paint, printing, pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, research and optogenetics. 

All colors are produced based on naturally derived photosynthetic bacterial colorants. All PrismBio natural pigments show pronounced photo- and thermo-stability and retain their color across a broad range of pH.

In addition to our stable colorants, our proprietary ColorSwitch technology allows PrismBio colorants to switch colors using simple lasers, creating messaging, branding and other designs directly on the product. Green can switch to violet and blue to red. The possibilities are endless, and the product differentiation is substantial in these very competitive consumer packaged goods markets.

Colorful Macarons

Questions about our colors?

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